Deliver [verb]

Definition of Deliver:

transfer, carry

Synonyms of Deliver:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deliver:

Sentence/Example of Deliver:

In a different case Thursday, Pennsylvania’s highest court delivered a separate victory to Democrats, ruling in their favor on a number of mail-voting rules.

As a result, advertisers will be able to set media plans to deliver a minimum number of sales as opposed to traditional figures like the number of people reached.

If you’re worried about cutting it close, most states let you deliver your ballot to the local election office instead of mailing it.

While not as established as traditional sports in the minds of many marketers, esports does deliver reach.

The situation would be akin to aspects of the so-called gig economy, in which workers juggle multiple jobs of driving people around for Uber and then delivering dinners for DoorDash.

She got a few contracts to deliver boxed lunches, to a school and an organization that delivers meals to seniors.

I, therefore, deliver it as a maxim, that whoever desires the character of a proud man ought to conceal his vanity.

Brethren are a help in the time of trouble, but mercy shall deliver more than they.

She continued to deliver herself upon a hundred topics, and it hardly matters where we take her up.

By bad luck d'Amade was away, up in the front trenches, and I could not well deliver myself to des Coigns.