Demonstrating [adjective]

Definition of Demonstrating:

showing definitively

Synonyms of Demonstrating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demonstrating:


Sentence/Example of Demonstrating:

Colonel Allen knew a good man when he saw one—he was not long in demonstrating that fact.

Man, who has a natural desire to knowledge, began by rectifying, and demonstrating the errors of the senses.

Your husband was just demonstrating his marvelous skill with weapons.

We have one other interesting experience for you, demonstrating the wonders of radio.

For nine months the mission from Windesheim sat in Paris, expounding, demonstrating, hoping to persuade.

Neither then nor afterward did she prove herself unworthy of her haughty lover, by demonstrating or parading her sorrows.

Now Ricky French especially has the air of a demonstrating anatomist over an anesthetized body.

One was a store, where a girl dressed like April Horn was demonstrating home freezers.

The first event of prime importance to you will be the demonstrating and establishing of your spiritual rank.

He begs them so to order their conduct that he may be spared the pain of demonstrating the falsehood of that charge.