Stigma [noun]

Definition of Stigma:

shame; token of disgrace; brand

Synonyms of Stigma:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stigma:

Sentence/Example of Stigma:

Had Hamish been making this use of it—to remove the stigma from him?

Sooner or later the stigma will spread to all of the sciences—and to you, doctor.

The stigma, if pollen suffice, should be covered with pollen.

To be attached to our Administration is almost a stigma of disreputableness.

On which part should the stigma of illiteracy set the uglier brand?

She felt it was only just to relieve Tess of the stigma she had placed upon her.

Was her hand to place the stigma of shame on the brow of this young creature?

The pistil is divided into three parts, ovary, style, and stigma.

Do you know that the cloud is removed from my birth, the stigma from my name?

The pistil is generally divisible into the ovary or germen, the style and the stigma.