Blot [noun]

Definition of Blot:

mark; flaw

Synonyms of Blot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blot:

Sentence/Example of Blot:

The Iraq war left a lasting blot on transatlantic relations.

I am, I am he that blot out thy iniquities for my own sake, and I will not remember thy sins.

It needs better evidence to stamp this solitary suggestion of a blot on the clear scutcheon of Douglas.

Men surged forward to close in and blot out the glow from the killer's fingers.

It is the blot on Richard Feverel, for instance, that it begins to end well; and then tricks you and ends ill.

The failure to recognize the sanctity of marriage is the great blot on the system of Confucius as a scheme of morals.

She interrupted me with a little heart-broken cry and clapped her hands to her eyes to blot out some horrid picture.

See that white blot, far out to the east, rising in the evening mirage,—it must be Fort Riley!

This indulgence creates false standards, and is a serious blot on the American working-man's life.

For had it not been for this gloomy blot of my betrothal to her I would not now have exchanged my life for that of any man I knew.