Exaltation [noun]

Definition of Exaltation:

promotion, praise

Opposite/Antonyms of Exaltation:

Sentence/Example of Exaltation:

Let’s call it a sigh of relief building to a cheer of exaltation.

One old woman, called Judy, came near having the power, as they call a kind of fit of spiritual exaltation.

The sight of her aroused in me feelings which bore, I think, a close resemblance to religious exaltation.

She was now in Gemini, and therefore halfway from her exaltation to her depression.

But to Charity, in the reaction from her mood of passionate exaltation, there was something disquieting in his silence.

Yet these pains in her body, this alternate exaltation and depression, this pitiful weakness!

Yet this very exaltation, by raising him above comparison, may prevent the real grandeur of the man from being seen.

She grew very white, but a look of exaltation came into her face.

The exaltation of friendship is indeed one of the beautiful things about this book.

Properly speaking, there is but One true, eternal Object of all that the mind conceives in this trance of its exaltation.