Magnification [noun]

Definition of Magnification:


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Sentence/Example of Magnification:

By capturing image data in infrared, researchers and scientists capture details that aren’t typically visible, even under high magnification.

Appearance of a small portion of muscle under a moderate magnification.

It was visible now through the direct observation panel, without magnification.

He increased the magnification to maximum, and the four men looked eagerly at the system.

Actually, the best examination is by low-power magnification under the proper lighting.

The magnification constants of the various other optical combinations should be similarly made and recorded.

It is to be observed that Fig. 21 represents higher magnification; otherwise the two figures are very much alike.

But it is quite easy to increase the magnification to 10 times or more.

The total magnification would in this case be 50 million times.

This time, even at full magnification, there was no sign of the filaments that were always present in diseased flesh.