Eulogy [noun]

Definition of Eulogy:

praise, acclamation

Synonyms of Eulogy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eulogy:

Sentence/Example of Eulogy:

McClenton, himself a Baptist pastor, mustered the strength to preach his son’s eulogy.

Millions of people are dying, but mobile phones are a vehicle to make those people more real, to use these spaces to create eulogies, to record and take pictures.

When you hear the eulogy from President Barack Obama, it’s like being in class and remembering what you have to do.

As she made herself comfortable in his deepest chair she heard the girlish shallow voice launch out into a eulogy of the scenery.

That greatly excited my rivalry, and I succeeded in finding some reasons for eulogy that she had forgotten.

I pulled myself hastily into a more popular strain with a gross eulogy of my opponent's good taste.

But just eulogy of the dead is the appropriate duty of those who were the associates and friends of the founder of this school.

Bradford in written eulogy ascribes to him "ye tender love & godly care of a true pastor."

That was as far as I could get with it: in fact, that was about all there was to be said by way of eulogy.

About the same time he read, in the "Edinburgh Review," a eulogy of Rogers.