Plaudit [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Plaudit:

A second plaudit, almost an acclamation, followed the sentiment.

Its honors and joys lie in a brilliant pennon and a plaudit.

Heroes having so nobly acted, with ours, will receive the plaudit of their country.

Plaudit is a shout of applause, and is commonly used in the plural; as, the plaudits of a throng.

Such was the plaudit the oriental student received, and returned to grow pale over his MSS.

You are honestly striving with a purpose, and hoping for no plaudit but 'she hath done what she could.'

Every plaudit which a vitious play, or a bad actor receives is a blow to the public morals, and the public taste.

It was a desperate duel for a few strides, and then Plaudit gamely responding drew away and the race was over.