Ovation [noun]

Definition of Ovation:

clapping and cheers

Synonyms of Ovation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ovation:

Sentence/Example of Ovation:

The attitude had its effect; the applause began and grew to an ovation.

"Quite an ovation," she cried, sprawling out of her first-class carriage.

Louisiana welcomed him with an ovation of the most fervent enthusiasm.

Diana's progress down the corridor partook of the nature of an ovation.

All, thought the delighted Meliora, was an ovation to her brother.

It is quite right; London put an affront on him, Paris owes him an ovation.

A sad thought, doctor, and that's why we're going to give them an ovation, as the saying is.

On the first anniversary of the Bastille he received an ovation.

He stayed in his camp and, in order to avoid an ovation, did not enter Warsaw.

But the strangest part of all was, that after receiving this ovation she disappeared.