Disapproval [noun]

Definition of Disapproval:


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Sentence/Example of Disapproval:

The chief architect of Sweden’s controversial response to the pandemic is losing the confidence of the people who are supposed to be following his advice, with even the nation’s monarch signaling his disapproval.

While the law can administer harsh penalties when it is flouted, disapproval is the only sanction etiquette has against rudeness, and this has often been dismissed as ridiculously weak.

The waning disapproval of premarital sex broadly tracks America’s waning religiosity.

Its culture however was looked upon with the same disapproval by Charles II.

Gwynne's disapproval vanished as he shook hands with the blooming young matron and met her bright laughing eyes.

This canto never would have converted Boileau from his disapproval of the "merveilleux chrétien."

Disapproval has been expressed of many of the broadcast serials and suggestive love songs.

Somehow Harvey seemed, those days, to present a constant figure of disapproval.

It reserved its disapproval for Mrs. John Brodrick who had never had any; who had never done anything that was expected of her.

This family had an immense capacity for disapproval; it was awful, as Eddy had observed, for not liking people.