Deprecation [noun]

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In narrating her second essay collection, Samantha Irby is as self-deprecating and snarky as ever as she tackles everything from The Bachelorette to budgeting.

Firm as she may be in her opinions, as a conversationalist she’s sly, self-deprecating, good-natured, with impeccable comic timing.

Websites, libraries, and frameworks authored prior to JavaScript milestones show their age when using deprecated code as JavaScript fundamentally progresses at such a breakneck pace.

"A very minor one then," he said, with deprecation; but tears shone in his dark blue eyes.

Weston looked at her a moment hesitatingly, and then made a little gesture of deprecation.

Then she noticed that he had stopped, and was looking at her in deprecation, and was holding aside the screen of moose-maples.

It might have been in almost compassionate deprecation of this weak note that Mrs. Brookenham looked at him.

As for the Campanian, he raised his hands in voluble deprecation of the apology.

This was a great self-deprecation; for Europe contained a thousand duchesses, and but one Felina.

In this I have received from some a degree of credit for having kept silence, and from others, some deprecation.