Detraction [noun]

Definition of Detraction:

misrepresentation; slander

Opposite/Antonyms of Detraction:

Sentence/Example of Detraction:

There is one heavy detraction, however, from the excellence of the Avignonese climate.

Bunglers will not mend matters by blackening the great canvases they can't paint on, nor the impotent become males by detraction.

It is very absurd to consider criticism that is not always favourable, detraction.

There was not a word of detraction about any one—nothing to jar on one's impression of him as a refined, noble-hearted man.

A favorite method of detraction is illustrated by the familiar story (p. 266) of Columbus's egg.

"I always knew that merit such as I felt I possessed, would force its way, in spite of envy and detraction," he said.

(Wretches, you kneel too late,) that have endeavour'd To spout the poison of your black detraction On this immaculate whiteness?

I cannot speak it to the worth: all praise I can bestow upon it will appear Envious detraction.

Detraction, which had assailed him during his whole administration, did not spare him even in the moment of resignation.

Tell the next man or woman who speaks about it that scandal and detraction are steps in the ladder down to the devil's kingdom.