Defamation [noun]

Definition of Defamation:

libel, slander

Opposite/Antonyms of Defamation:

Sentence/Example of Defamation:

Tripp countersued Musk for defamation, but the federal judge handling the case threw it out, ruling that the technician had failed to show that the CEO had acted with actual malice.

On Twitter, Dell’Anno also said she would be filing a claim against San Diego for defamation on behalf of her client Thursday.

Burkman was quoted as saying the situation is “a joke” and threatening to sue for defamation.

Kolfage launched a defamation lawsuit against half a dozen online opponents.

We Build the Wall and Kolfage are also being sued for defamation by the National Butterfly Center.

The issue in an action for defamation is not the character of the plaintiff, but the wrongfulness of the particular statement.

Another bill carried this session made some alterations in the law relating to defamation and libel.

Gossip in all its moods and tenses, from the vague indicative of mere innuendo, to the full subjunctive of open defamation!

I do not know that any law-proceedings were afterwards taken against him for defamation of character.

There he found Anthony Panton continuing his campaign of defamation against him.