Reproof [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Reproof:

She knew that in secret Mamma was glad; but she answered the reproof.

But Adriana will not accept the reproof: she will have her husband at all costs.

The physician said a little in the way of reproof and admonition, and left me.

And now the little school is ever present with us, ours still for counsel or reproof.

But the stillness upon her face bore to me the shadow of a reproof.

At this reproof Josef hastened to load the table with bottles.

Not a word about the scene of yesterday, not a look of pain or reproof.

He started under that reproof like a fiery stallion under the spur.

Hence also the reproof of our own mode of life when we attempt to reprove others.

Richard caught the glance and misinterpreted it for one of reproof.