Citation [noun]

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In response to questions about overall police enforcement of a seditious language law, he sent VOSD the definition of a citation.

Nearly half of the citations went to people between 19 and 28 years old.

Structured citations an essential element in local SEO despite the reduced effectiveness they once had as a ranking factor.

List your business in the largest and most relevant directories for your city or region to get the most coverage from relevant citations.

You don’t need a lot of these sites to complete an effective citation profile.

There are 64 code compliance inspectors employed by MTS who can issue citations for transit system and quality-of-life violations and about 140 private security guards who cannot.

It is often convenient for a teacher, and others, to recall the number of a page of a book in which a citation is found.

It is the latest work on the subject, especially rich in the citation of authorities.

We should deal unfairly with it were we to attempt either citation or summary.

Here, certainly, as in the previous citation, the idea is not identical with that expressed by Hamlet.