Reverence [noun]

Definition of Reverence:

high opinion of something

Synonyms of Reverence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reverence:

Sentence/Example of Reverence:

“His reverence is taking his after-dinner nap and may not be disturbed,” said the man.

He drew off: and then ran into the highest professions of reverence and affection for you.

It was to her the revelation of a heart, and she saw with reverence.

As for his marvellous power, I shall bless it and reverence it all my life.

To reverence in church, and to guarded language, he also exhorted him.

Not from reverence to the written to, however, as you'll find!

But his fear arises from his reverence, as I told you before.

He manifested no reverence for Bishops and Lords, for he felt none.

That "man with the pack" always inspired me with awe and reverence.

He less excited her imagination, less attracted her reverence.