Devoutness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Devoutness:

Experience shows us a vast difference between devoutness and goodness.

Bach was essentially a Christian, and this element of devoutness, of worship, shines out in everything he wrote.

What she achieved through saintliness and devoutness, they make her out to have accomplished by intelligent enthusiasm.

Class differences as regards devoutness are but a special expression of a generic fact.

The pastor read a blessing, which was not listened to with any further devoutness.

Lucy's serene grace of devoutness was beautiful, if not edifying to behold.

"I thought her the loveliest child I had ever seen in all my life," said Sir Philip, with curious devoutness of manner.

Sometimes, it is true, his tenderness verges on weakness, his devoutness on pietism.

He swallowed the potato soup with tremulous devoutness, leaving the slices of sausage for the last.

Thou art seeking thy wife; I saw her at Bruges, living in all piety and devoutness.