Veneration [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Veneration:

The worship of this new religion is the commemoration and veneration of the dead.

No lover of mountains has approached Ruskin 14 in intensity of veneration.

Then Iona,—'the sacred place which as long as I can remember, I had thought on with veneration.'

The love, the gratitude, and the veneration of a nation could not save him.

How could Beecher have felt any other than veneration for one so gifted?

I really believe they have no veneration for old institutions in England.

No one near by had a claim on his veneration or his obedience.

He regarded her with awe and veneration, and murmured that she was a lily of goodness.

The origin of the veneration of the cat was, it is said, her mice-destroying power.

There used to be thousands who recognized it with veneration and affection.