Lowliness [noun]

Definition of Lowliness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Lowliness:

Sentence/Example of Lowliness:

So, in a new machine learning approach, engineers did away with the human brain and all its beautiful complexity—turning instead to the brain of a lowly worm for inspiration.

That close shave against the Browns seemed like a high-stakes version of their 17-14 comeback win over the lowly Atlanta Falcons in Week 16.

Here I’d like to make the case for these lowly search engine signals.

Brady completed 28 of 40 passes for 279 yards and two touchdowns as the Bucs held on to beat the lowly Giants on Monday night.

Strong in lowliness, they neither blanch in heat nor pine in frost.

Love lifts us up thither, and Thy good Spirit lifts up our lowliness from the gates of death.

Nothing but extreme lowliness can well reply, or would probably be suffered to reply, to this Hindu profession of reverence.

Shown by its greatness—loved to the uttermost; its comprehensiveness—including even Judas; its lowliness—doing a servant's work.

Humility and lowliness is an important element conducive to "unity of conduct."

Is this at all inconsistent with the meekness and lowliness of His heart, the love and tenderness of His character?