Chastity [noun]

Definition of Chastity:

celibacy, purity

Synonyms of Chastity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chastity:

Sentence/Example of Chastity:

Thus seen, socialism appeared as the very antithesis of law and order, of love and chastity, and of religion itself.

One day, then, she realized that she was to have a child, and all that remained to her of chastity leaped for joy.

They who, having wives, wish to make a vow of chastity, shall wait four months before they decide.

Or she holds a lily in her right hand, to indicate her virginity and chastity, and the sweet odor of her virtues.

St. Augustine says: "The fiercest of all combats is the one for the preservation of chastity, and we must engage in it every day."

Let us follow Mary's example and esteem holy purity and chastity above all things.

She was the especial goddess of chastity, and loose women were forbidden to touch her altars.

You snatch me out of the cold cloister, but, in the bustling, ardent world you condemn me to the conventional chastity?

Chastity, necessitated by vast designs, exacted by so many sickly conditions, was written upon that face.

Moreover the wretch is as jealous of the chastity of his daughter as if he himself had led a clean life!