Innocence [noun]

Definition of Innocence:


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Sentence/Example of Innocence:

He read from a rambling 21-page statement, reasserting his innocence and airing grievances against the criminal justice system.

He maintains his innocence, said he regrets not coming out sooner but said he assumed his constituents knowing would “not go over well.”

Navlakha, who is in his 60s, has said he maintains his innocence and is worried about receiving a fair and speedy trial.

Lee professed his innocence and fought the actions, typically settling for discounted amounts.

The official believed his innocence, according to Jefferson, but cited his “reputational risk” still driven, a year after his exoneration, by the allegations whenever he is Googled.

Ray was able to prove his innocence — but it took nearly 10 years and came about through a singular tenacity and at enormous personal financial cost.

Loughlin and Giannulli had insisted for more than a year that they believed their payments were “legitimate donations” and accused prosecutors of hiding crucial evidence that could prove the couple’s innocence because it would undermine their case.

Stung to the soul, Louis threw himself at her feet, to proclaim his innocence of all these inferences, before heaven and her.

The soul's confessions of that dear young lady were delightful in their naïve innocence.

Beware of ignorance which assumes the mask of knowledge, or of designing roguery which apes the appearance of innocence.