Guilt [noun]

Definition of Guilt:

blame; bad conscience over responsibility

Opposite/Antonyms of Guilt:

Sentence/Example of Guilt:

She took the deal, again admitting her guilt, which qualified as a second strike on her record.

Agency employees and execs say that whether or not agencies decide to open offices, managing expectations and helping assuage any sense of pressure or guilt to come in will be key.

It’s human nature to look for the most efficient way to decrease guilt.

You have to kind of package and create a streamlined way for them to reduce their guilt by being able to invest and support what you’re doing.

We could go to the bazaar of cultures and find reinforcement for inclinations that are repressed by puritanical guilt feelings.

When there are multiple people around, we feel less responsibility, less personal guilt, for the consequences of doing nothing.

No guilt was charged against any one, although the wounded man said that he conjectured that it was Captain Silvestre de Aybar.

This way of owning Guilt in a wrong Place, is a common Artifice to hide it in a right one.

So the evidence of his guilt was no longer in the hands of a stranger, and Sir Richard Arden was saved.

Despite his own grief, he is sorry for the young man; nor is he convinced in his shrewd bourgeois mind of the latter's guilt.