Dereliction [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dereliction:

Nor are you deviating from Christian charity in not overlooking a dereliction of so material a sort.

To abandon any part of the inheritance of primitive times would be gross heresy, a fatal dereliction of Christian duty.

By that time Jack had recovered his usual good nature, and was as ready to jest as his companion over his dereliction of duty.

The duties of both rank and file were strictly laid down by Washington, and any dereliction was punished with military strictness.

I never heard of any of them being removed for incompetency, dereliction of duty or malfeasance.

The argument, on which the court of Madrid most relied, was the dereliction of that claim by the preceding ministers.

This is peculiarly true where the dereliction involves an appreciable predatory or piratical element.

The whole forenoon he lay on his iron bed, oblivious of all the world and steeped in his own tremendous sense of dereliction.

Milton, though a suspicion of the nature hinted at by Aubrey never rose in his mind, was justly incensed at this dereliction.

But what explanation or excuse have you to offer for such dereliction of duty?