Desertion [noun]

Definition of Desertion:


Opposite/Antonyms of Desertion:

Sentence/Example of Desertion:

To cease living together for the time fixed by statute is not desertion unless this was done intentionally.

Desertion is a general ground of divorce, the law in every state prescribing a period of time, quite often three years.

But the Emperor could not forgive his desertion, and, thinking he would not benefit by his services, he refused them.

Have you any plea to urge beyond the natural one of her seemingly unprovoked desertion of you?

The sense of the desertion by humankind, by God and mercy and rationality swept through me and overwhelmed my inner self.

My capture had revealed our desertion of the cabin, and the Indians had lost no time in entering and firing it.

Was not this a blasphemy against the fatherly goodness of the Creator,—a base desertion of the cause of the disinherited?

Desertion doesn't mean a sea of water between, it means an ocean of self-will and love-me-first between.

Just think: after five years of desertion, and trouble without end, and it all put right by a little sleight-of-hand.

The people, maddened by the desertion, attacked the palace where he lodged, and it was with difficulty that his life was saved.