Leaving [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Leaving:

Meanwhile, Soviet guards at the train station had been lured from their positions to join the leaving party at their hotel.

These Rules (leaving out the Tenor) serves for five bells; and leaving out the fifth and Tenor, they serve for four bells.

Janet might have said before leaving: "Tea had better not wait too long--Hilda has to be down at Clayhanger's at half-past six."

The governor went, but, leaving all the men who accompanied him, returned alone.

With this I will end this letter, leaving it in this state until it is time to seal it, in case anything should occur to be added.

He silenced her with a gesture, and, leaving a piece of toast half-eaten on his plate, he got up and went into his study.

Egypt was once a land of mystery; now, every lad, on leaving Eton, yachts it to the pyramids.

And away she flew to her nest, leaving Grandfather Mole to talk to the air, if he wished.

Since that he has made his almanacs without weatherwise sayings, leaving every man to guess for himself.

Leaving Bruno to guard, Harry climbed the tree, and to his satisfaction had a good view of the country.