Residue [noun]

Definition of Residue:

leftover part

Synonyms of Residue:

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Sentence/Example of Residue:

The residue is of a brown color, and has a saline, bitter taste.

It gave a residue on ignition amounting only to 1.6 per cent.

Brewers' grains are the residue of barley malt and corn grits.

And whichever of these qualities we find in the State, the one which is not found will be the residue?

A residue of egoism remains in every affection—even paternal.

In a few days Moscoso came also with the residue of the army.

His brothers shared the residue of their father's inheritance.

The residue after reeling, and other wastes in reeling, are known as frisonnets.

Her attitude was that when one had enough one should give the residue to some one who had not enough.

You have eaten the good pastures and trodden down the residue with your feet.