Dross [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dross:

And I will turn my hand to thee, and I will clean purge away thy dross, and I will take away all thy tin.

Though, rightly considered, it was but dross and dust, and riches were an awful snare.

The poetry lies in a heap of dross, and must be painfully smelted out.

The lead should be melted first and all the dross cleaned off.

So you can find in Vane the pure gold of two hundred and fifty years of American civilisation, with no particle of its dross.

It puddled the pig-iron until the dross was out, and the pure metal was bessemered into steel.

Such a purification from all earthly dross is mediated, according to the ideas of India, by fire.

Do you know Me now, man whom my millions of dross have made wretched?or do you need me to tell you Who I am?

The angel of pain had purged away much of the dross of her nature, leaving the pure gold undimmed.

Genius may carry with it a seeming contempt for the yellow dross of common humanity; but—it has to pay its occasional washerwoman.