Scum [noun]

Definition of Scum:

superficial impurities, dirt

Synonyms of Scum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scum:

Sentence/Example of Scum:

Scum from both sides, just out like buzzards to pick up what they could.

Scum like you has ter come ter the mark sooner or later, and come yer have.

"Scum of the earth, most of them," he said, his plain face glowing.

Scum it off with your spoon, and lay it in anotherPage 117 dish.

On Scum exist the lowest conditions of life found in any stellar world.

It was a fatal day for Scum when its mad inhabitants blew out the last of the candles that had promised to give them light.

Let the libertine of our world go to the world of Scum where he belongs, or rise to the dignity of man whose image he bears.

The inhabitants of Scum are divided into many warring tribes, and it is fearful to see the conflicts that take place.

The nobler people of Scum are banding together with the avowed purpose of bringing back the light of culture and refinement.

Scum might have had a rare, if a rascally, life, had he been discreet; but he was fool as well as knave.