Algae [noun]

Definition of Algae:

rootless, leafless plants living in water

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Sentence/Example of Algae:

Stones were usually covered with algae in both the Arkansas and Walnut rivers.

His special field was that of the Marine Algae, in which he stood unrivalled.

He made large collections of Algae, almost every day bringing to him new and beautiful forms.

Other algae doubtless sometimes occur in the thalli of Peltigerae.

The lichens, long regarded as a separate class of lowly organised plants are now known to be fungi that are parasitic upon algae.

There is very little doubt that the primitive fungi have been derived by degradation from the lower algae.

In cannel coals the prevailing constituents are the spores of cryptogamic plants, algae being rare or in many cases absent.

The gas is sometimes withdrawn and the deposit produced in large part by the action of algae and other humble forms of plant life.

These are thrown down from solution either because of cooling, evaporation, the loss of carbon dioxide, or the work of algae.

Some marine algae which secrete carbonate of lime not only encrust rocks but give rise to sheets of submarine limestone.