Garbage [noun]

Definition of Garbage:

refuse, litter

Synonyms of Garbage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Garbage:

Sentence/Example of Garbage:

Since the spring, the 54-year-old Montgomery County man has spent his daily walks into the District collecting garbage around the city, usually filling at least two trash bags with waste.

There’s a certain sense of accomplishment that comes from dutifully sorting soda bottles, plastic bags and yogurt cups from the rest of the garbage.

Separating food waste from your garbage can mean more space at the landfill, so governments won’t have to spend money and land on a new one.

So, if someone’s in a restaurant with me, and they eat a hamburger and they only eat half of it, I, in principle, will eat it, because it’s going to go in the garbage.

Don’t attempt to burn or bury it, either, as food waste and garbage is more difficult to burn than you think, and fire pits are one of the first areas wildlife investigate.

I spent it on garbage like an HBO Max subscription that doesn’t work on my Roku.

Durant and Irving left the court for garbage time to a round of enthusiastic high-fives, and the Nets have carried themselves more like an established contender rather than a remodeled group searching for its identity.

At each stop, he had to show coaches — not to mention teammates and fans — that he wasn’t one-dimensional and that his contributions amounted to more than practice sessions and garbage time.

According to the Arizona Republic, the trucks were slated to have a range of 150 miles and capacity for 1,200 cans of garbage.

This one has a nifty motion-activated lid, so you’ll never have to sully your hands with garbage juice.