Sweepings [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sweepings:

The sweepings of the London and Bristol streets were exported for servants.

The American gentleman had secured it all and left us the sweepings.

It was choked with a crowd, composed of the sweepings of Europe and Asia.

That ginger snaps are made of the sweepings of the floor in the bakery.

On the Christian fleet they were the sweepings of the jails.

"A lot of sweepings of the excavations," said John, in the boy's ear.

Their language—and this, too, was a revolt—was like the sweepings of the cow barns.

It was a mixed team he got together, the sweepings of the streets.

That fellow who left the sweepings by the roadside ought to be shot!

I come down here for the sweepings every morning, said Glen.