Dunghill [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dunghill:

But like all dunghill products, the life of these was ephemeral.

A dunghill, on which the imperial commissioners chanced to be deposited, had saved them from injury.

The monster had the head and breast of the dunghill champion, and "thence downwards the body of a serpent."

After which the bird barked, and came and sat on the dunghill by Charles.

There is a scent here sweeter than that of the dunghill, or the dandy's essences—what is it?

On our return from Belfast we met a sedan—the Duchess of Dunghill.

Then may Satanas claim you for a gnat of a dunghill—you and all your vile spawn!

Nor shall I divert from Him what is added, "And raiseth up the poor from the dunghill."

The dunghill as often enthrones the true philosophy of life as the seats which kings occupy.

Even in the most wretched lump of deformity a soul great and worthy of love may beam forth brightly like a pearl on a dunghill.