Dust [noun]

Definition of Dust:

tiny particles in the air

Synonyms of Dust:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dust:

Sentence/Example of Dust:

Its dust collection system captures up to 75 percent of dust generated by your project so clean up is easy.

Now its frozen gases regularly vaporize under solar heat, releasing clouds of dust that make the jets and streamers visible.

Now research suggests that dust particles can become fomites, too.

Electric fields associated with dust lifting could affect the performance and lifetime of hardware on Mars, Grossman says, “although I don’t think it was the critical factor for P­hoenix or Opportunity.”

It formed some 680 million years ago from a large cloud of gas and dust in the Milky Way.

Computer modeling suggests that Chicxulub blasted enough dust and sulfur into the upper atmosphere to dim sunlight and cool Earth by more than 20 degrees Celsius, while also acidifying the oceans.

The Martian’s Mark Watney was fine until a dust storm left him fending for himself.

Future astronauts could make lunar buildings out of moon dust and pee.

The only other sneezes that we observed, it was 15 percent of them, looked like they were just sneezing because they got dust in their nose.

For example, when you’re sucking dust up with a vacuum’s hose, it might stick to the carpet.