Soil [noun]

Definition of Soil:

earth, dirt

Synonyms of Soil:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soil:


Sentence/Example of Soil:

The people have no right to the soil in the eyes of these political economists.

When our brethren departed, we could not tear our aged roots out of the soil.

I've known the answer ever since I first turned the soil of this farm.

The soil is hard, and the crop after the expenditure of much toil is often very scanty.

Could you bring me some soil from the garden, that I may judge?

In fact, Gryphus was beginning to dig the soil with his crooked fingers.

John Delamater, while a boy, was destined to be a farmer, on the soil where he was born.

And soil might have been taken from the bottom of this Dorchester barrow which produced them.

Under foot the soil was springy with the mould of numberless autumns.

Win who will, English blood must soak the soil of England this night.'