Sand [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sand:

The sides of this hill he covered with a layer of bricks that the sand might not be blown away.

We could not find any of his camps, however; doubtless the sand has long since covered them.

But it was not to be drifted up with the sand of forgetfulness!

But they saw that the sea was for the swimmer, and the sand for the feet of the runner.

Yates caught up a handful of sand, and flung it lightly against the pane.

Linda laid her palm on the top of the sand heap and pressed it flat.

She gnashed her white tusks, and dug into the sand with her brazen claws.

Tramping on in the sand isn't as bad as it might be, either, when one gets used to it.

A soft, sliding hillock of sand lay directly in front of them.

He drew the cane out of the sand, thrusting the stick down in its stead.