Strand [noun]

Definition of Strand:

fine thread

Synonyms of Strand:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strand:


Sentence/Example of Strand:

He fingered the strand on Young Pine's neck, making signs of friendship.

Then he moved from the fountain in the direction of the Strand.

He was recalling the conversation which had passed in the little room in the Strand.

He was seized by a creature and flung up on a strand where there seemed to be dwellings.

The war situation may make it necessary for me to strand it.'

They found themselves in the Strand about half an hour later.

A strand like a wet rope wound about her wrist and delayed her.

She only got angry once when he pulled a strand of her hair while trying to force a kiss from her.

Once she had humorously lamented that she had never been to Simpson's restaurant in the Strand.

He walked on, and the dull buzz of the Strand fell on his ear.