Filament [noun]

Definition of Filament:

thin strand

Synonyms of Filament:

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Sentence/Example of Filament:

According to the theory behind the Weibel instability, the two sets of plasma break into filaments as they stream by one another, like two hands with fingers interlaced.

It may be in the halos around galaxies or, as another paper recently suggested, in filaments stretching between galaxies.

Each magnificent wing is covered in billions of tiny filaments, each a tenth of the width of a human hair.

Give Dan Rhodes a small sample of a novel polymer, and he’ll figure out how to extrude it into a filament, and how to fine-tune the process to see whether the material can be made to work in high-speed manufacturing.

The team actually gathered data from the filament back in 2014 during a single eight-hour stretch, but the data sat waiting as the radio astronomy community spent years figuring out how to improve the calibration of LOFAR’s measurements.

In the gill filament the blood comes into contact with the free oxygen of the water bathing the gills.

Something has been previously said of the difficulties attending the making of the filament for the incandescent light.

The large hairs have their root, and even part of the filament, enclosed in a small membraneous vessel or capsule.

When a sufficient current was passed through the filament, it glowed with a dazzling lustre.

At one side stand the warps, very tall and interesting to see, with their lines of delicate filament and high tiers of bobbins.