Thread [noun]

Definition of Thread:

a fine strand of twisted fibers

Synonyms of Thread:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thread:


Sentence/Example of Thread:

Isn't it annoying when one can't pick up the thread of a conversation?

Minnie shook her head mysteriously, and bit a thread with a vague frown.

She only holds him by a thread; and if you draw it too tight (I know his temper) it'll snap.

We now resume the thread of our narrative where Ney's journal left off.

She loved to spin, and no spider ever spun so fine a thread as she on her spinning wheel.

What Christian experience wants is thread, a vertebral column, method.

And then outside the tent some little woods noise snaps the thread.

Even sheer, fine handkerchiefs, warranted every thread linen!

Now bore a hole in the other end, in which insert the thread.

It's done with a needle and thread and a hair from the hoss's tail.