Cotton [verb]

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As this basket is woven out of cotton, it can be folded and even carefully ironed if needed.

The team swabbed a roll of clean cotton under each volunteer’s arm for one minute.

As far back as 1993, people were talking about adding color genes to cotton.

In the next few months, the team, led by senior research scientist, Colleen MacMillan, will coax the tissue into full-grown cotton plants.

A cotton mask with a cotton batting filter, for example, initially filtered out roughly 33 percent of the salt particles.

This would in any event have depressed prices of cotton, even under ordinary conditions.

Cotton exchanges reopened on November 16, and stock exchanges opened for restricted trading shortly thereafter.

When in the city they wore a rough felt conical hat and dark blue cotton robe.

There was no finery in her wardrobe, a few neat cotton gowns for summer wear, and homespun for the winter—that was all.

He's very tall an' gran', an' w'ars fine close, an' han's is white as a cotton bat, but his eyes doan set right in his head.