Yarn [noun]

Definition of Yarn:

fiber for knitting

Synonyms of Yarn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yarn:


Sentence/Example of Yarn:

I say, Dirk, what do you s'pose all that yarn means about to-morrow night?

“That be damned for a yarn,” exclaimed the other in unfeigned astonishment.

But what were the words he was singing, this yarn he was spinning in his song?

The yarn from the ring frame, or mule, is wound in a large cop, or on a bobbin.

The spindles, meanwhile, are revolving rapidly, spinning the yarn.

I told you there was quite a yarn hitched to that smokin' business.

I'd told him the heft of the yarn on the way from the church, and he was interested.

As I said, I've never told that yarn to anybody afore and I never meant to tell it.

The count was spinning a pigeon English yarn of how he'd fought a duel with rapiers.

And from now on this yarn has got to be more or less hearsay.