Rubbish [noun]

Definition of Rubbish:


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Sentence/Example of Rubbish:

He began to rebuild the palace and ordered that the rubbish be removed from the temples.

It seemed to her that even Enoch might take the hint, and clear away his rubbish.

That is all rubbish,” he said; “people ought to stick to their own country.

As he left the dining-room he stumbled over a heap of rubbish in the passage.

Dirty finger-prints were on the hall-windows, flue and rubbish on its unwashed boards.

As for her tryin' to coax him to leave her money, that's just rubbish.

Keep the room clean and free of miscellaneous tools and rubbish.

Then, with a hand-broom and pan, she took these up and with them any other rubbish that might be lying about.

Do you forget that all this rubbish does n't go down with me?

She caught sight then of the heap of rubbish that had been the house, all misty in the cloud of dust.