Junk [noun]

Definition of Junk:

odds and ends; garbage

Synonyms of Junk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Junk:

Sentence/Example of Junk:

The result has been a tide of disposable, nonrecyclable plastic junk.

They’ll junk their plan against a certain adversary and throw something completely different at them if whatever they did the first time around didn’t work.

Space junk isn’t going away anytime soon—and neither are the problems it causes.

Given how bad the space junk problem is getting, any new solutions are more than welcome at this point.

Mail ballots are now postage-paid, so you won’t need to dig around your junk drawer for stamps.

Phones and other screens are tempting, but overdoing it can be like overindulging in junk food.

But as no junk-man came, and as no one could be found to care for its now sadly battered hulk, its good riddance became a problem.

We obliged them to proceed, passed close by the junk, and then landed, and continued our excursion on foot.

After he had married her, he'd sell out this pile of junk and let somebody else haggle with the Injuns and cowpunchers.

Your Caroline, so enticing five hours before in this very chamber where she frisked about like an eel, is now a junk of lead.