Detritus [noun]

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“Even if the FAA has cleared all the airspace, there’s still the potential that if they go above the altitude restriction and were to blow up, the detritus that comes down could be outside the parameters of the license,” he said.

Instead, he can’t fish because there’s too much plastic trash in the ocean, so he resolves to take his boat out and clean up the detritus.

Yet animals near the ocean floor have to get by on teensy scraps, preying on the scant species that live there or hoovering up biological detritus that sinks down from carcasses above.

Nelson also notes that, as well as furniture and decor, odors cling to dust, fluff, and other detritus, so a good vacuuming every few days goes a long way.

Near the coast line the effect of the waves is continually to shove the detritus up the slopes of the continental shelf.

The agents which assist gravitation in bearing this detritus downward are many, but they all work together for the same end.

If by chance the detritus accumulates rapidly, the slope is steepened and the work of the torrent made more efficient.

Further study will reveal the fact that the difference is due to the lack of oxidation in the case of the glacial detritus.

Often they were found in backwaters and many times schools were taken over bottoms where mud and detritus had been deposited.

After this digression we cross the ice of the river again and pass up over the ever-present detritus.