Excess [noun]

Definition of Excess:

overabundance of something

Opposite/Antonyms of Excess:

Sentence/Example of Excess:

Let the excess liquid evaporate away by bringing the substance to a boil or a simmer until the desired consistency is reached.

Wyden seems to have been persuaded that the best way to contain the possible excesses of speech on the internet was the influence of market forces.

While these wake-up calls to our own waste are certainly effective, many of the artists seem more interested in using excess as a way of expressing reverence for nature.

When town officials and lawmakers try to walk back the excess, the unions hold their ground.

It’s a Super Bowl being conducted without its usual excesses.

It is likely that no one is sadder about this development than Steinberg, whose famous annual party in the host city has come to symbolize not only the game but the uniquely American excess it celebrates.

Production fell too, as all of a sudden, the market was flooded with millions of excess wings.

Yet, there is absolutely no doubt that excess sodium is resulting in deaths.

On Wednesday, a Senate subcommittee unanimously recommended rejection of one of the bills, which would scrap the provision that allows Dominion to keep 30% of its excess profits.

While the Rivals ammo won’t be traveling nearly as fast as a golf ball off of a driver, those little yellow projectiles can reach speeds in excess of 60 mph with some blasters.