Overkill [adjective]

Definition of Overkill:

extravagant; beyond normal limits

Opposite/Antonyms of Overkill:

Sentence/Example of Overkill:

CTV advertising needs to be more relevant to viewers and there’s an urgent demand for more effective targeting that engages viewers without reaching the point of overkill.

The Core i7 might seem like overkill for most users, but it has the processing power needed to handle multi-window applications.

In the same whacked-out year, we were forced to live without a hearty sports schedule for four dispiriting months, only to spend the next three months navigating a web of sports overkill.

It can be a total overkill for anything short, but a great choice if you’re writing something considerably long or are just overwhelmed by the amount of elements in your work.

I won't neglect my responsibility for sound regulations that serve the public good, but regulatory overkill must be stopped.