Frugality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Frugality:

“Financial Independence Retire Early,” with its emphasis on extreme frugality, grew in popularity after the last financial crisis.

DoorDash’s early days were driven by efficiency and frugality—mostly out of necessity.

Customers’ motivations aren’t necessarily based on frugality, says Trummer.

That frugality began to change in 2008, when both countries experienced a dramatic surge in consumer spending, making them among the most sought-after markets in the world.

The scanty income she had saved from her mother's property rendered it necessary for her to live with the utmost frugality.

The money she saved by this great frugality she distributed among the poorer prisoners.

This college is full of Scotch students, who succeed in keeping themselves at Oxford, thanks to their frugality and industry.

There is not much luxury and there is a fair amount of thrift, while frugality of living is common, especially among the populace.

With parsimony a little is sufficient, and without it nothing is sufficient, whereas frugality makes a poor man rich.

On these they feasted with their accustomed frugality for several weeks, until the whole were exhausted.