Overload [verb]

Definition of Overload:

weigh down

Synonyms of Overload:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overload:



Sentence/Example of Overload:

"I suppose it's possible to overload the thing," Micheals said doubtfully.

He had tried to overload the master robot with emotion and he had succeeded.

People who have been having a famine should not overload their stomachs!

Do not overload me, or hitch me where water will drip on me.

In the meantime care should be taken not to overload the stomach.

Six men were an overload for the Titian and we couldn't keep up with the Sprite.

A fuse is a protective device that prevents an overload of electricity.

Better not overload the craft, Sam cautioned, after half an hours work.

I am sure your legs are long enough, and your person does not overload them.

This time I have no fears, provided we do not overload our vessels.