Exuberance [noun]

Definition of Exuberance:

energy, enthusiasm

Synonyms of Exuberance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exuberance:

Sentence/Example of Exuberance:

Peter’s climate obsession started, as many obsessions do, with the cross-wiring of exuberance and fear.

All the optimism has Wall Street professionals, who often view exuberance as a contrarian sign for markets, on edge.

The exuberance at Citigroup’s appointment of Jane Fraser as CEO last week underscored how few female leaders are in the banking industry globally.

The exuberance of the southern temperament responded quickly to the call for a manifestation of patriotic enthusiasm.

And for my part I began to experience a certain lack of exuberance when going up hill.

Merely to give expression to my exuberance of joy; after I should cool off, I would be cooler, of course.

The hero is delightfully fascinating—bubbling over with exuberance of youth; nothing is a hardship for him.

Nor do the obvious exaggerations of Dickens arising from the exuberance of his fancy interfere with the sense of reality.

If I touched it at all I might trim its rhetorical exuberance, but I prefer to leave it all its original strength of expression.

Their devoted nurse and mine, already mentioned, watched us like a cat to keep us apart, lest their exuberance should fatigue me.