Zest [noun]

Definition of Zest:

taste, flavor

Synonyms of Zest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Zest:

Sentence/Example of Zest:

Yet now, the time having come, the zest for the feat was gone.

Gholson went with her; it was painful to see her zest for his society.

The danger did not have any effect on him, save to, if anything, add to the zest.

And he went about it with a zest that knew no flagging, with a relish that nothing could impair.

What trustier messenger could I find now that I have lent him zest by fright?

Yes, it was a pleasant thought, and it gave him zest and hope in his own life.

I have played, it is true; but with no zest, no passion for play.

With all a school-boy's zest for a holiday, Skeffy would be forever at something.

Does it not spoil some of your zest for this pleasantry to think how it is paid for, brother?

The zest with which he has told the same tale for so many years sets him apart.