Guts [noun]

Definition of Guts:

nerve, boldness

Synonyms of Guts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guts:

Sentence/Example of Guts:

Soft, jelly-like eggs survived a trip through a bird’s gizzard, which grinds food, and its gut.

She first supported us way back last winter when it took some guts to do so.

That translates to a $240 billion gut-punch to states and cities.

Steroid hormones like testosterone can boost confidence during times of stress, and they’re part of a system of “gut feelings” needed for speedy decisions.

For fish eggs, getting gobbled up by a duck means a harrowing journey through the bird’s gut.

In 2019, he was part of a team that found killifish eggs can survive a trip through a swan’s gut.

This can make it look as though the plants were in the dino’s gut.

The fossil guts were found inside the well-preserved fossil of a nodosaur.

Publishing today in the journal Cell, she and her colleagues offer evidence that when flies die of sleeplessness, lethal changes occur not in the brain but in the gut.

They suggest that sleep is vitally important to the body’s regulation of oxidation, particularly in the gut, and that this is likely to have widespread consequences in the body.